Socks Set Up

I’m neeeeeearly there!  Every night this week, and most of Saturday I have been working on my very first pair of socks, and I’m nearly there!  I shall have some photos of the finished product for you soon, doing their job keeping my toes nice and warm (and just in time too, it’s getting chilly here!).  But for now, here is a work in progress photo:

As you can see, I have my set up set up…  2 socks on the go, my pattern at the ready, notebook and pen for recording details, crochet hook for catching dropped stitches, laptop with a tutorial of how to pick up the slipped stitches along the gusset (you can find it here, I recommend it!), my iPod with a nifty little row counting application, and of course, a cup of tea…

Hopefully I’ll find some time for knitting tonight, and have a picture of the finished objects soon!  I can’t wait to have them on my feet!