Taming Runaway Needles

Aaaages ago I saw this on Crochet with Raymond (scroll to the bottom of the post) – a case for knitting needles.  My knitting needles were always running around the house, stabbing me in bed, hiding in the couch, so inspired by the holder Alice has, I decided to make my own.  I actually made this quite a while ago, but I’m going to show you another organise-y thing I have just made, so now is a good time to show it off!

This is how it usually looks – well, when I don’t leave it open with needles jumping out of it and running all over the house…  When I open it up, it looks like this:

Plenty of space for all of my needsles and other bits and pieces.  I buy all of my needles (apart from circulars and my sock needles) at various second hand shops.  I just bought a new set of 4s and 5.5s, and am on the look-out for a nice set of 4.5s, because I only have a plastic set, which have blunt ends and are hard to knit with…  I was so excited at the second hand shop when I found my needle gauge too, it has metric one one side, and US on the other.

My needle case has a flap at the top to keep all of those pesky runaway needles in place:

It’s actually made of some old curtains that used to be at my Nana’s house…

And this is my new organise-y thing, stitched up using my new sewing machine (oh look, I’ve left a scrap of fabric on the table, how lazy of me…).  What is it, what is it?

I bought this fabric at the Sallies – they had a whole bunch of upholstery fabric.  Most of it was quite ugly, but in amongst it there was this lovely blue piece.  I still have plenty left over.  But what is it?!

It’s a sock kit!  It’s got everything I need for sock knitting, and is just about the size of a book, so is easy to transport.  In the top left it’s got a zippered pocket for a tape measure (cut down to 20 inches, because you don’t need more than that for socks!), a darning needle, and stitch markers.  Below that, there is a pocket to put a pattern or other notes (how to do a kitchener stitch??) in.  On the right side, there is one pocket for my needles – it has plastic at the bottom of the pocket so that my needles don’t poke through, and also plastic on the inside of the top flap.  It was a bit loose for my needles to stay put, so it’s also got a ribbon sewn on so that I can tie them up!  The other pocket is for my stitch holders and crochet hook (for catching and pulling through dropped stitches!).

So there it is!  That’s how I’ve tamed my runaway needles and other knitting related bits and pieces.  I am on the look out for a socks-in-progress sized tin, or nice container, so that I can transport my socks-in-progress without stabbing myself or others with tiny pointy sock needles…  I don’t have any socks-in-progress (SIPs?) at the moment though, I have finished my “secret” knitting for a certain someone, which I will share a bit later, and have cast on my newest project, which is neither socks nor a tea cosy!  Too many projects!