Legendary Lemon Cheese Pudding

Last Friday night, my friend Sarah and I had a baking date.  Our baking dates are always wild nights, full of soup, bread, and desert!  Last time we met up, we made an amazing Lemon Cheese Pudding, which my Mum has been making ever since it was made for us by some friends of the family.  In fact, I’m pretty sure Sarah’s boyfriend only proposed to her to get access to this pudding.  Or because she’s an awesome girl, and an amazing baker!   Anyway, this Lemon “Cheese” Pudding is worth a try – it’s so simple and incredibly delicious.  Is is a recipe from the Edmond’s Cookbook, but doesn’t seem to be included in the later version.  It’s in my Mum’s cookbook, but not mine.  I don’t know why they wouldn’t include it!  I think it’s called “Cheese” pudding, because the lemon juice curdles the milk and butter a little, meaning that they puddingy bit looks a little like ricotta cheese or something.  That’s my theory anyway!

– 1 tablespoon of butter (or marg)

– 1/2 cup of sugar

– Juice and rind of one lemon

– Pinch of salt

– 1 cup of milk (usually I use soy milk, and it works fine)

– 2 eggs

– 1 tablespoon of flour

Beat egg whites until they form stiff peaks.  In another bowl, cream butter and sugar.  Add flour, lemon juice and rind, milk and a pinch of salt to the butter and sugar.  Gently fold your egg whites into the lemony mixture, trying not to pop too many bubbles!

Spoon or pour the mixture into ramekins, and place the ramekins in a dish.  Pour boiling water into the dish so that it comes to about half way up the ramekins – Sarah tells me this is so it cooks evenly..  Bake for about 20 mins at 170C.

Here are some happy snaps from our baking date:

Sarah making the lemony mixture.

My wonderfully whipped egg whites.

Sarah mixing the wonderfully whipped whites into the lovely lemon mixture.

Check out Sarah’s blog too, she has some lovely pictures of our baking date (including one of the insides of the pudding – I was in too much of a hurry to eat it to take a photo)..


Chocolate Chili Puddings

I am at home on a rainy afternoon, and eating the last of these amazing chocolate chili puddings that I made earlier in the week.  So what better to do than to finally get my A in G and start a blog, so that I can show you all the amazingness of these puddings, and hopefully get the recipe right so that you can make them too!

Chocolate Chili Puddings Recipe


  • 3/4 of a block of dark chocolate (I used Whittaker’s 70%)
  • 25 grams of butter
  • 1/2 a cup of sugar
  • 2 Eggs
  • About half a cup of milk (I use soy milk)
  • 1 Tablespoon of flour
  • A shake of cinnamon
  • A tiny pinch of chili powder


Preheat your oven to 160 C, and boil your jug.

Start by separating the eggs, and beating the egg whites until they are stiff.  I use my lovely red mixer for this, and just leave it going while I do everything else.

Melt the butter in a saucepan, and while it’s hot add the chopped up chocolate and put the lid on.  The chocolate will melt, with no need for being fiddly with a double boiler!  Once it looks nice and soft, mix it up with the butter using a fork or a whisk.

To the chocolate and butter mixture, add your sugar and egg yolks (make sure it’s cooled down a wee bit first, we don’t want scrambled eggs).  Then add your flour and stir it in too.  You need a bit of milk to make the mixture quite liquidy – far more liquidy than you would think!  I think I added about half a cup.  You want it to be kind of the consistency of pancake batter.  Because this recipe has whipped up egg whites in it, you don’t need to add any raising agents like baking powder.

For the final touch to your chocolate mixture, add a tiny pinch of chili powder.  This really is the secret ingredient.  It’s what, as my friend put it, makes your throat go “wooooo-ooo-oooo” when you eat it.  If you want to, add a shake of cinnamon too.

Finally, combine your egg whites and the chocolate mixture, being really careful not to burst too many of the egg whites’ bubbles.

Spoon the mixture into ramekins (I used four, but next time will probably use 5 or 6).  Put the ramekins into an ovenproof dish (I just use a pyrex one big enough to fit a few ramekins in).  Pour the hot water around the ramekins, and pop into the oven!  I’m not entirely sure how long I left these in the oven for, it would depend on how saucy you want them.  As you can see, the tops of mine got lovely and cracked, and the inside was quite fudgy.  They probably took about 20 minutes or half an hour to get to that stage,  but if you prefer your pudding to be a bit more saucy, just don’t leave them in the oven as long – experiment!  Pudding recipes are pretty forgiving – I made this one up as I went along, loosely based on a Lemon Cheese Pudding, but more about that later…