Brain Squeezing Cabled Hat

I really need to learn to be more patient, and do a swatch of knitting before I launch into a project…  This is my latest hat, and my very first attempt at cables!  I didn’t use any particular pattern, just cast on (too few) stitches, did a bit of 2×2 ribbing, then used a 6 stitch cable pattern from my 400 Knitting Stitches book…

My friend always told me they were so easy (and I in turn told her that knitting lace is so easy!), and it turns out we are both right!  Cables are so deceptively simple!  Although, for a first attempt, I would not recommend knitting with 14 ply wool on size 4.5 needles…  I bought this thick red wool ages ago from the Salvation Army, and after initially starting a scarf with it, I realised that I would not have anywhere near enough!!  So a brain squeezingly tight hat it turned out to be, as you can see from this photo…

The one good thing about making the hat so brain squeezingly small, is the that I did have enough wool left over to make a giant pom pom, which just gives it that extra something, don’t you think?

So, lesson learned.  One hat too small, and one hat too big – do more swatching!!


Fun with Fair Isle

I’m just going to pretend that I haven’t disappeared for 3 months, and show you all some of the knitting I’ve been doing.  I knitted this when I had a few lazy days in Japan.

Yes!  I learned how to knit Fair Isle Style (or stranded knitting really, because I think that Fair Isle refers to specific patterns).  And yes, this photo does have a cow in the street – that’s because I was also in India, both South and North, where pigs, cows, camels, dogs, cats and elephants (not just the ones on my hat!) were to be seen on the street.  This photo is a bit unfortunate because you can see the “seam” on the hat, not really a seam because I was knitting on circular needles.

I based the pattern of this hat on the Olympic Reindeer Hat, from the Olympics.  However, reindeer weren’t really doing it for me, so I replaced them with some lovely elephants…  All in all, it was much simpler than I thought it would be!  I’ve almost finished another hat of my own design, and am also working on a pair of Fair Isle socks – my first attempt.  Hopefully with all this free time I’ve got now I’ll be finished soon and be able to show you the results.  I’m trying to learn how to knit continental style (with my left hand), so that I can hold one colour in my left hand, and the other in my right…  Unfortunately dealing with teeny tiny wool and four very pointy double pointed needles is making me a bit lazy to learn this!

See you soon!