Cheat Sheet

Hello everyone (all both of you!)


What a terrible blogger I have been! I’ve had a very busy 6 months or so, and I have finally decided that it’s high time I get back into updating this blog.


I started working full-time in November, and it does very much eat into your time compared to being a Master’s student (or, “funemployed” as I also was for a time!). My knitting has been going a bit more slowly too, and I am trying to get back into the habit of picking it up whenever I have a spare moment.


I always try to keep a sock-on-the-go in my bag, but lately my problem has been that I am going soooooo slowly that I totally forget what I am supposed to be doing! I have solved this by making a sock making ‘cheat sheet’, with the basic info and stitch counts on it. Usually I only use a pattern to refer to these numbers, so there is no way that I need to carry around the whole thing (though usually it is on my iPad anyway).


When I’m not referring to it (which is most of the time), I can just pop it inside my toe up sock!


2014-03-19 12.16.21 2014-03-19 12.16.54