FO: Goldfishies

My boyfriend’s nephew got a couple of goldfish, and like any two year old screamed his head off when he was told that he couldn’t take them out of the water for a cuddle. 


Luckily, I have the means to make cuddly goldfish! I made these from a modified version of the Amigurumi Fish (knitted) pattern. I modified it because the original pattern had you casting on in a tiny tiny circle, which was incredibly fiddly with just a handful of stitches, and which had to be sewn up anyway. Modification number one was using Judy’s Magic Cast On, which I usually use for toe-up socks. If you’re wanting to practice sock techniques, this little fish is quite a good project. You can practice the cast on and increases without committing to the whole sock! 


Modification number two was knitting the fins by picking up stitches rather than knitting them separately as the pattern suggested. This means little hands will have a heck of a time undoing them! Modification number three was changing the tail shape. I knitted the first goldfish (light orange) with the shape in the pattern, but it wasn’t to my liking. The second goldfish (dark orange) has my own improvised tail shape, which I think is super cute. I also changed the eyes slightly, as the way it was, they were a bit too fiddly. 


All in all, I love these little fish! I think they turned out perfectly. And like any two year old, my boyfriend’s nephew screamed his head off when he wasn’t allowed to put the knitted goldfish in the water with the real ones.




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