I’m always a bit out of date with my posts, they seem to be about a week behind my real time life. When I took this photo, I was knitting swatches for a new cardigan. WHAT?! You say, a NEW large scale knitted project? What about this one? Or that one? Why would you need a whole other new one?


Well you know what? I don’t care. Because I looooooove this yarn, and I looooooove this pattern. The yarn is Garnstudios Drops Alpaca, in this bright mossy grassy fresh green, which no photo can really do justice. I’ve used the yarn before in my Stripes and Lace shawl, and it is just lovely to wear. I fell in love with it in my local yarn shop in the Netherlands, and spent ages trying to decide what to knit with it. In fact, I took so long deciding, that when I went to go buy it, the shop had closed for summer break, and would remain closed until I was securely back in New Zealand. Nooooooooooooo! Luckily, I have a good friend there who went back to the yarn shop after I had left, and armed with instructions on choosing balls of the same dye lot, bought it for me and posted it off to New Zealand. 



In the end, the timing was perfect when this new design from Joji came out. I knitted her Dragonflies jersey as my very first jersey, and I just love her clear style and simple yet effective patterns. The design is called “Make a Wish”, and for those of you not able to view the Ravelry link above, here is one of the photos from the pattern:


© Joji [Click image for Ravelry pattern page]

Isn’t. That. Lovely? The light airy stitch and loose gauge (20st/inch with fingering weight yarn, for those of you in the know) make it perfect for the alpaca yarn. The drape of this yarn will be just lovely with the swinging ‘train’ of the cardi, and the scarf-like collar. 


So! Those are my plans for my lovely green alpaca yarn. And as I said, I am a bit behind and I have, in fact, already cast on and knitted 30 rows! Unfortunately, the combination of Wellington weather (rain! storms!), the provisional cast-on and subsequent stockingette (rolling up like no-one’s business!) mean that photographing it is near impossible… So you shall have to wait!





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