Well, it’s been a busy month or so.


At the end of July, I flew back to New Zealand from the Netherlands. I stayed with my mum and dad for a little over a month, and now I am back in the very very very windy Wellington! My knits have been serving me well as I traipse all over town flat-hunting! My little sister and I are searching for a 2 bedroom place together, and it’s not easy! We’ve looked at a couple now, and thought we’d found something ideal until we also found it on the register of “earthquake prone” buildings! Not to worry, the hunt goes on. This afternoon I looked at one with *gasp* insulation, which is more than most draughty cold Welly flats offer! We’ve put in an application for it, so fingers crossed! 


I have still been finding a little time for knitting. I’ve cast on a Cape Cod jersey, made from wool which I salvaged from a lovely coloured, but less than fashionable second-hand shop acquisition. Here it is being admired by our cat, Tom. 






The jersey was knit in pieces, but has been seamed using a sewing machine, which made ripping them out a bit of a challenge! Nevermind, I got there and ended up with a huge pile of curly wool. In the background of this picture you can see the swift that belonged to my Great Grandmother, some socks that I knitted and that my mum claimed, and Tom again – never far from his humans. 


After a bit of a bath, I hung my swifted skeins out to dry – of course, as soon as I did this it started to rain, so here they are protected by some umbrellas. Genius.


…Or not genius at all… Luckily they didn’t get too tangled up – even though it looks ominous in this photo!







Cape Cod is a relatively loose-fitting jersey, with a boat neck. I am extremely proud of myself for using short rows to lengthen the back of the neck in comparison to the front (in the pattern, they are the same height). It has one lace panel down the back (top photo), and two in the front (bottom photo). I’ve progressed further since these photos were taken – nearly at the separation of the body from the arms, so I’ll give an update once I’ve done that! 









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