Weekend Inspiration – 04

The ocean and the rocky shore on Leisure Island in Tauranga. This day the sun was shining, and I was down to my tshirt and jeans, even though it was technically mid-winter. The erratic weather is bad for the farmers (not enough grass! too much grass!), but good for beachgoers like me. I am happy to be back home next to the ocean!




Still here, or there?

I am still here! But of course, that depends where ‘here’ is. Last time I posted I was very nearly finished with my Master’s thesis, and in the Netherlands. Since then I have finished my thesis (YAY) and have made the epic trip back to New Zealand! My lovely New Zealand! I love being back here. At the moment I am staying with my mum and dad, where the weather is comparable to that of the Netherlands summer, and there are plenty more green rolling hills to admire. 


There has been a little development on the knitting front, I finished two hats for my sister, which I will get her to model when I give them to her in a few weeks time. My Jackson Creek Cardi (Ravelry project link) is coming along, I have just the sleeves and the button band/collar to go. Here I am looking at some buttons for it. I have an extensive button collection, with all sorts of interesting buttons that I would never use – but luckily some that I can! 



I have been feeling uninspired to finish this project. In the beginning I liked the muted mushroom grey that I had chosen, but I think a whole cardi in it got a little boring, especially after the cabling finished. Now I am so close to the end, I have to push myself to knit these sleeves! It is said that procrastination is a way to avoid failure. I am not worried about failing with this cardi, but I am a little concerned that it is quite tight. I knitted a size smaller than my size, but with a larger (smaller? How do you express “fewer stitches per inch”?!) gauge, and it’s looking quite snug. Mind you, I felt exactly the same way about my Dragonflies Jersey when I was nearly finished, and it turned out perfectly fit. I should just get on with it! 


I have a new yarn acquisition to show off as well, but in the interests of actually maintaining this blog, I’ll wait to show it off! It’s got a nice story… 


Until next time (hopefully in the near future!)