Weekend Inspiration – 01

I take a lot of photos of patterns, colours, shapes and generally anything that inspires me. I thought that it might be a nice idea to start sharing a few of those photos here, and explain what it is that drew me to whatever it was that I photographed. I’ll try to post one or two every weekend. I hope that they can bring some inspiration for you too (not limited to knitting, of course!).

This is a picture that I took in Hamburg last year, while I was there for a conference. It is a  swirl of tiled colour, at the entrance to a restaurant (which also had delicious curries!). I am always drawn to flurries of colour like this, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into my knitting, since there is quite a difference between what I like to look at, and what I like to wear (especially since my hair is already a rather bright orange…). I also love the organic spiral pattern, which contrast nicely with the square tiles it is made of. All around lovely!



2 thoughts on “Weekend Inspiration – 01

  1. Great idea! Before I clicked on to your post properly, I thought the mosaic was a crocheted rainbow mandala! Such a beautiful tiled entraceway. Thank you for sharing it.

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