Weekend Inspiration – 02

You can tell that I am desperate for the summer to arrive. One thing that I absolutely LOVED about living in Germany was the abundance of berries. We have some in New Zealand, but nowhere near the amount (and cheap price!) of those in Germany. I just about survived on blueberries and cherries for a while there. These are some blueberries (Heidelbeeren) and raspberries (Himbeeren) at a stall in Hamburg. I stayed in Hamburg for two weeks for a course, and every morning and evening I would walk past this tiny fruit stall with all the gorgeous coloured fruit on full display. 




Weekend Inspiration – 01

I take a lot of photos of patterns, colours, shapes and generally anything that inspires me. I thought that it might be a nice idea to start sharing a few of those photos here, and explain what it is that drew me to whatever it was that I photographed. I’ll try to post one or two every weekend. I hope that they can bring some inspiration for you too (not limited to knitting, of course!).

This is a picture that I took in Hamburg last year, while I was there for a conference. It is a  swirl of tiled colour, at the entrance to a restaurant (which also had delicious curries!). I am always drawn to flurries of colour like this, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into my knitting, since there is quite a difference between what I like to look at, and what I like to wear (especially since my hair is already a rather bright orange…). I also love the organic spiral pattern, which contrast nicely with the square tiles it is made of. All around lovely!


New on the Needles

While on my Christmas break back in New Zealand, I bought some Mill End yarn for 3 NZD a ball. Super cheap 100% wool yarn! Mill End yarn is the last production run of discontinued lines, and much like cleanskin or naked labeled wines, you don’t exactly know what you’ve got until you crack it open. Luckily with yarn it is a lot easier to get a feel for what you have before buying it. This one was soft, and a lovely light grey brown colour, so I decided to give it a go. At $3 for 50 grams, it was definitely a good deal!


I was looking around for a pattern for several weeks. I wanted a cardigan, possibly cabled or possibly with a bit of lace. Something with visual interest, but nothing too complicated either. After favouriting many patterns on Ravelry and not feeling the need to immediately cast on for any of them, something popped up on my blog roll, just what I had been searching in vain for! So I’ve cast on for the Jackson Creek Cardi, and am so far loving it.


The cables are simple but interesting, and since I am knitting the back and two sides together rather than in separate pieces as the pattern suggests, there is enough mindless stockingette to be able to zone out and watch some T.V. series with.

Stay tuned! This probably won’t go as quickly as I would like, since I am also supposed to be *ahem* writing my thesis, but who knows, perhaps that will actually make it go faster!