Darn it

I am spending my windy, freezing spring afternoon giving longer life to my socks… They definitely need it, since at barely above zero degrees Celsius, my feet aren’t yet accepting non-wool socks!



7 thoughts on “Darn it

  1. i always wondered about that. i wear socks around the house and eventually he holes appear. i would hate to knit socks and have that happen! i guess you need to reinforce the heel.

  2. They’re still good – I remember Grandma and A June doing this with a special wooden darning ‘thing’…A June probably still has one…..

  3. I have a couple of pairs in need of repair too. I liked your idea of an apple as darning mushroom! It made me remember that I have a spare wooden drawer knob lying around somewhere that will probably do a good job as one too. Now to find it…

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