FO: Stripes and Lace

I finished this shawl/scarf a few weeks ago, and it’s been keeping me very cosy in the cold weather here in the Netherlands. Luckily, the temperature has risen considerably over the past day or two, but it’s set to drop again next week. Cry. I loved knitting this – the endless rows of knit and purl were perfect for watching TV, and in fact I knitted quite a lot of it while flying back to NZ for Christmas break. My projects follow a curve – at the beginning I am very excited and knit a lot, then I slow down in the middle, and by the time I reach the point where I can see the end, I speed up and can’t wait to be wearing it! This is very helpful for a shawl like this, where the rows get longer and loooooonger the further you go – once you get to the “Oh my gosh I can’t wait until this is finished” stage, it doesn’t seem to matter quite so much that each of these rows is taking many many minutes (I never time myself) to knit….

Anyway, on with the ‘tada!’


This is a super giant half circle shawl, with a lace border. Basically, it’s a combination of two free patterns: Citron (the circular shape) and Holden Shawlette (the lace). Once I got started with Citron (minus the ruffles), I just increased 24 stitches across the row,  in the middle of each white stripe.


I used DROPS Alpaca, which I can highly recommend. It’s lovely and soft, and warm but light.  I even have one ball of the maroon/red leftover, I might make a matching hat!


You can see here from the top view how the pattern is worked. It’s started, like many shawls, from the top centre, with the little semi-circles gradually getting bigger and bigger. Because of the increases in the lace pattern, I ended up with some little wings, which I quite like. I tie them together to make the shawl stay on while riding my bike, or tuck them into my coat.


When commuting, I usually wear it over my coat as in the first picture – with the thick middle at the front, and the ends wrapped back around (and sometimes tied up). You can see them peeking out a little in this photo:

When I’m inside I like to wrap it around me like a blanket. It keeps my arms and shoulders so nice and warm!


I’ll leave you with one last picture – even the “wrong” side looks lovely! You can see that the edge has rolled over, even though I used a 3 stitch garter border. It doesn’t matter though, it looks like I intended it to do that – and it means that I didn’t have to cut off all the little ends from my Russian joins  (Youtube linke) when changing colours!



11 thoughts on “FO: Stripes and Lace

  1. Wow that looks so lovely. I especially love the contrast of the stripes with the softer lacy edge – a gorgeous design and it certainly looks cosy as well. Stunning fashion photography too – nice touch!

    • Doesn’t it?! I had seen a couple of projects on Ravelry, and I thought hmmm I could do that… The best thing was that I had ages to decide which lace border I wanted, because it was the last part to be knitted!

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