Hearty Mittens – just in time!

Finally, I finished my Strong Heart Mittens (pattern, Ravely). I’ve had this project in my queue since the pattern was released in September. I had been originally planning to make the handwarmer version, but by the time I was knitting them, it definitely got cold enough here in the Netherlands for a pair of mittens!

heartmittens1You might remember that I knitted these from two balls of Baby Alpaca that I bought in Hamburg.

stash3This yarn and colourway are amazing. The photos absolutely do not do the luminous colour justice. It is somehow both dark and bright at once. As for the baby alpaca, it is a dream to knit with. Because of its drape, I have to admit that it is probably not the best suited for a bouncy pair of mittens, but I just couldn’t resist having the buttery softness against my hands.


heartmittens3Once I actually started knitting these, they progressed very quickly. The pattern is amazing, and I give so many thanks to Kiwiyarns Knits for sharing it with everyone! I finished them just in time, because yesterday it started to snow here (as you can see in the pictures – I can never find a good white background for photographing my knitting, but this time Mother Nature pulled one out for me!).

heartmittens6I love mittens and gloves, because you can admire your own work as much as you want. If you knit a scarf or a hat, you always have to wait until a shiny surface to catch a glimpse! Not so with what you wear on your hands. Living in the Netherlands, I of course cycle just about everywhere. What a wonderful opportunity to spend time admiring the lovely cables on these mittens!

heartmittens4It’s still snowing today, which I hear is quite rare in the Netherlands for this time of year. Usually if it snows, it will do so after Christmas. So, you can see that I am very much enjoying these lovely mittens! By next week, however, I will be back in New Zealand for Christmas, and won’t need them at all. That’s OK, there is still the European February when I get back here…

heartmittens5Ravelry links: pattern, project


2 thoughts on “Hearty Mittens – just in time!

  1. They are beautiful! They look so spongey (spelling?) – l wondered what gloves you had on in that facebook pic you put up – and it was these – you won’t want to leave them behind when you come home….

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