Echo Flower Shawl

I haven’t even shared a cheeky preview of this finished object. Over the past months, I have been knitting the most beautiful shawl for my Mum for her birthday. Finally it arrived in New Zealand, so now I can share photos of it here too!

I used the pattern Echo Flower Shawl, which is available free on Ravelry. The pattern itself is a little confusing, especially for me, who has never knitted a triangular shawl before. The beauty of Ravelry is though, every pattern has a built-in support community, and I found answers to many of my questions there.

I am so incredibly happy with the finished shawl, the flowers are gorgeous and delicate, and the edge with Estonian-lace-inspired “nupps” (the little bobbles) is just amazing. Anyway, fewer words, more pictures. These photos were taken at Park Sanssoucci, near my home in Potsdam. The temperature on this day was about 30 c, and it was very hot taking photos of a wool scarf! So you can see that the rest of my outfit certainly doesn’t match the cosiness of the Echo Flower Shawl.


Infront of the Orangerie in Park Sanssoucci – I am so lucky to have such a photogenic location right around the corner!


Packaged up and ready to send to New Zealand


Flowers on the edge of the shawl


The wingspan – I found these photos on Ravelry to be very useful in estimating how many repeats of the lace pattern I would need in order to get the size shawl I wanted. I did 15 repeats of the flower pattern in laceweight yarn.

Detail of the flower pattern

Detail of the edge with nupps.




6 thoughts on “Echo Flower Shawl

  1. My scarf is so lovely, light, soft, warm, delicate, pretty and I feel so lovely in it – very special. I get lots of comments and questions when I wear it – I love it and I love you for making it for me – thank you sweet heart – from your happy mother.

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  3. I am knitting the Echo Flower Shawl…my first attempt, but I’ve encountered a glitch.

    I have finished the set-up chart; it worked out perfectly.
    Now I am starting the flower chart and am stuck. I had 51 stitches at the end of setup, and the flower chart seems to need 49 if I repeat the centre block of 12 stitches 3 times. Where did I go wrong? Does the block of 12 need repeating? How many times? If you can help I would be very grateful.

    • Hm, it’s been a while since I knitted it… The charts are a bit confusing, remember that there are 6 side stitches, and a centre stich (which I think are not indicated in the chart, if I remember correctly). Also, go right to the left edge of the chart before the centre stitch (the stitch before it should be a 2 into 9). If that doesn’t help, I recommend searching some of the help discussions on Ravelry – they helped me a lot!

  4. Sophia Thank you. This makes sense. Knowing that the centre stitch is not on the chart is critical! 🙂 . Do you recall why it says to repeat the block of 12 stitches which is in the middle of the chart but apparently doesn’t contain the centre stitch?

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