Lacey Toes

My sister requested a pair of ‘white’ socks. Before now, I have been knitting LOTS of socks (I promise, even though I have not been updating my blog, my hands have been busy knitting!). I must say, that I don’t quite understand how people get obsessed with knitting socks, but somehow I have become addicted too! I think that it is because they are so nicely portable, I can take them travelling, on the train, to a cafe – wherever. By this stage I don’t really need a pattern (except for some parts of the heel) and the rhythm is soothing.

So anyway, on to these lovely socks. I chose the Mermaidia pattern through Ravelry, and it really is lovely. I got a bit mixed up on coming out of the heel (oh, I should point out that I always knit from the toe up now – I tried it for my second pair of socks, and I will never ever ever go back to top down!) because I substituted a slip stitch heel for the one on the pattern.







I sent them off to New Zealand, where it is wintry and cold now, unlike Germany where the weather swings from tropical one week, to dull and rainy the next (it has done this fairly consistently for over a month now!). However, the weather is always a bit too warm for toasty feet. I sent my mum and my sister a pile of hand knitted socks to see them through the winter, with the added benefit that now I positively NEED to knit another pile to keep my feet warm for the coming European winter.

Good to be back. I will try to update more often than once a year now!


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