Leftover sock yarn? Yes. Now, a pair of baby booties for my boyfriend’s sister’s soon-to-be new baby! I really have no idea how big babies’ feet are, so I hope that these fit her little girl by the time the weather gets colder in Iran.





I used the pattern Christine’s Stay-on Baby Booties (Ravelry link), but with a few modifications for using the sock wool. You can find the Ravelry project that I used for the sizing here (though I didn’t use the ribbed cuffs).

I also played with slipping some stitches to make things tidier/easier… I slipped stitches (purlwise) at the beginning of each row when working the garter stitch sole (to make it easier to pick the stitches up later). I also slipped the first stitch of each row (knit and purl) when working the top of the boot – I think it makes them tidier.

The yarn I used was TouchYarns Magic Merino Sock Yarn in the colourway Little Valley. The colours here are gorgeous, purple, pink and blue with a pop of bright limey green. I also just loooove knitting with the “magic” merino sock yarn, and equally looooooove the feel of it when I get to wear my socks! It feels like hot butter on my feet. There is always plenty of yarn leftover from the 100g balls, so these booties are the perfect little project to use some of it up!

For the tie, I twisted some strands of the wool together. Somehow I didn’t quite like the look of the i-cord that I see on a lot of these booties – it seems to overwhelm them! To twist the wool, cut a length 3 x longer than what you need. Fold it in half, and blutack one of the ends to a desk. Twist, twist, twist, until the wool starts to curl up into itself. Unstick the end from the desk, then carefully fold the length in half again. This time it will automatically twist up into itself, so you just have to smooth it out a bit. Tie both ends. Tada!

These were a super quick and easy project, and they turned out beautifully. I hope their new owner likes them and doesn’t kick them off! Now I need more friends to have babies, so that I can use up the rest of my leftover sock yarn!


Lacey Toes

My sister requested a pair of ‘white’ socks. Before now, I have been knitting LOTS of socks (I promise, even though I have not been updating my blog, my hands have been busy knitting!). I must say, that I don’t quite understand how people get obsessed with knitting socks, but somehow I have become addicted too! I think that it is because they are so nicely portable, I can take them travelling, on the train, to a cafe – wherever. By this stage I don’t really need a pattern (except for some parts of the heel) and the rhythm is soothing.

So anyway, on to these lovely socks. I chose the Mermaidia pattern through Ravelry, and it really is lovely. I got a bit mixed up on coming out of the heel (oh, I should point out that I always knit from the toe up now – I tried it for my second pair of socks, and I will never ever ever go back to top down!) because I substituted a slip stitch heel for the one on the pattern.







I sent them off to New Zealand, where it is wintry and cold now, unlike Germany where the weather swings from tropical one week, to dull and rainy the next (it has done this fairly consistently for over a month now!). However, the weather is always a bit too warm for toasty feet. I sent my mum and my sister a pile of hand knitted socks to see them through the winter, with the added benefit that now I positively NEED to knit another pile to keep my feet warm for the coming European winter.

Good to be back. I will try to update more often than once a year now!