Not Knitted, but Braided Scarf

Hello there!

As you may have noticed I’ve been into a bit more than knitting and cooking lately – I’m still definitely being crafty though!  I made a dress, and now I’ve made a *gasp* not knitted scarf!

I found the idea (and tutorial) right here, at a lovely sewing blog called Nette.  It’s super simple – it won’t take you weeks and months like a knitted scarf!

How’s that dappled light?  The fabric I used was some leftovers from another project.  It was originally white, but I dyed it purple (along with a second hand cardi, which I subsequently shrunk in the wash – darn!).

It’s basically just two plaits, and a plain strip, all joined together to make one big loop.  I think anyone could make it – even my dad knows how to plait, he used to be a baker and plait the bread.  I remember when I was a kid he would complain that he couldn’t plait my hair because he only knew how to plait bread…

The place where you join the ends to themselves and to each other is pretty rough looking, so you do need to do a bit of sewing to cover it up with something pretty.  You could just use a strip of your fabric, but I used a bit of old doily which I found at the second-hand shop.

It’s been so lovely and sunny here the last week.   On Saturday, my mum and me went beach-glass hunting and found two pieces which looked like Mount Maunganui.  The week before had been really stormy, so there was so much washed up on the beach – sadly quite a bit of plastic, but also heaps of interesting shells, and of course some beach glass too!


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