A Summery Dress

I have been “sew” busy the past few days, making myself a lovely summery dress.  Yes, I know that it is the middle of winter, but I found this fabric at the Sallies, and it needed, NEEDED to be made into a floaty summery dress.


I love the unusual combination of colours – pinky-purple and rusty orange flowers, with blue and white and green leaves!   I took a pattern from another dress I have, that is my absolute favourite.  It has a button up bodice, with some darts for shaping, and slightly gathered sleeveless-style sleeves.  Here I am modeling it in the wintry sunshine.  It’s been a freeeezing day, but parts of it have been beautiful and sunny.

I had soooooo much fabric – about 4 metres, so I thought what better to do with it than make a swinging circular skirt for my summery dress!  In the end, the skirt ended up being a 3/4 of a circle, which is still PLENTY, as you can see:

At the back, if you can see in the picture, it has a wide ribbon for tying a big bow.  Waist ties are just about the best way to cheat on sizing…

The buttons are from my Mum’s extensive button collection (which has now been overtaken by an even more extensive beach glass collection).  They are little pink shell buttons, which glow green and blue and orange when they hit the colours of the flowers.

It’s going to a while until I get to wear it properly as a summer dress, as I’m moving to Germany/Finland in August, and will have two winters in a row!  But I am a non-believer in seasonal clothing – with a merino and some boots this will go perfectly for autumn or winter.  Though perhaps not winter in Finland…

Thanks to my mum for measuring the hem up from the ground for me, what a perfectly straight hemline it is!  Also thanks to my mum for taking time out from her assignment to take photos of me and my summery dress in the wintry sunshine.


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