Updates in Wool

Hello!  I’m so sorry that I’ve been neglecting my blog lately – I’ve just looked at the date on my last post and it’s almost a month ago!


I have fallen into the trap again of forgetting/procrastinating putting my photos onto my computer!  It somehow seems like a huge task, even though it takes hardly any time at all really


However, I have been cooking, and doing a bit of knitting too, though not as much as I feel I would like to.  I’ve been having a few troubles with my toe-up socks, and have frogged the heels again and again, I just can’t seem to get them right!  Hopefully this time…  Though not a skill I really wanted to learn, this tutorial on Knitty has some excellent tips for frogging!  I was always slipping the stitch off the needle, hoping and hoping that it wouldn’t unravel before undoing it and slipping the lower stitch onto the other needle – the tips in the tutorial make it sooooooo much easier!


On Friday I went to the beach with my mum – she went kayaking out into the sea to go fishing.  My mum is a mad beach glass collector, but there isn’t a lot of beach glass on this beach…  She makes her own jewelry from the beach glass, and recently made her first sale from her online Felt Shop – how exciting!


So, because there were no beach glass hunting opportunities to be had, I sat in the blazing sun (which was sooooo warm for the middle of winter!), read my book, and did some knitting on my Stockholm Scarf, it’s a big project!  I ended up buying two (three?) more balls of wool, because the first one only made about 10 cm of scarf.  I want mine to be big and snuggly… I am really glad that I decided to go with the 4mm needles, it makes a nice tight rib-like pattern, but is anything but boring with the lacy detail, just what I was imagining when I was looking for a scarf to knit.  I really can’t wait until it’s done so it can hug my neck, but it may be a while yet!


Stay around, and I’ll update you on what’s been happening on the Spoons…


One thought on “Updates in Wool

  1. Hi Sophia, I am also still quietly knitting the Stockholm Cowl.Having no problems with it . Have done 45 rows and guessing another 35 rows perhaps. I am doing it on the suggested 6mm circular needles and happy with it. Wish it was finished now, need it!! I visited a craft shop in your neck of the woods a week ago. Fabulous yarns and fleeces, some quite expensive!! The colours beautifully arranged and enticing.Shirley

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