Two Cowls for Sisters

I said yesterday that I cast on a new project, which is neither a tea cosy nor a pair of socks..  It is however, a cowl.  I’m using the Stockholm Scarf  pattern (available for free!) which looks so gorgeous and warm.  I have 50 g balls of merino (Paton’s Totem, which I got cheap because the colour has been discontinued)…  Starting this project made me remember that I forgot (what a funny phrase) to show you this:

It’s a cowl that I made for my sister, finished just before Easter… I used the pattern for A Noble Cowl, but made it longer so that it could be wrapped around twice (I don’t like the picture of me modeling it, so sorry that’s not going up here!).   It’s also knitted with Paton’s Totem Merino, in a dark grey – it was going cheap as an end of the line also…  It’s lovely to knit with, though it’s so slippery that you have to be careful not to drop stitches!  It’s a crepe wool, I’ve tried to find out what is different about crepe wool, but all I get is how to make pancakes!  I’ll have to ask my Mum about it…  Anyway, I bought three balls (all that was left at the shop) and made my sister this cowl.

Here is a close-up of the lace pattern, it’s like interlocking shields (although I also think they looks like tropical leaves), and is so pretty .  It looks fairly difficult, but once you have done a few rows, there is a pattern (haha) to it, and it’s fairly easy to pick up.  As you can see in the top picture, the cowl is starting to curl at the edges, which I don’t quite like because you can see the “wrong side” of it.  I’m sure non-knitters don’t notice the reverse stockingette stitch sneaking out from behind the “right side”, but it does bug me a little!

That’s why I decided to use the Stockholm Scarf Pattern for *my* cowl, because the lace is reversible!  What a clever idea.  I’m having a bit of trouble figuring out if I’m doing the stitches right, and already frogged the first 4 rows when I realised that converting the pattern to the round did not just mean reversing the knit and purl stitches in the uneven rows.  Luckily I found some helpful posts through Ravelry, so I’m on to the second round of the second round!  I’m still having trouble with some of the stitches, because the pattern does not have much detail (if you’re a knitter, have a look – I don’t know whether to hold my yarn in front or back when I slip the stitches, and whether to slip them knitwise or purlwise…).  I’ll let you know how I go – at the moment I am just holding the stitches where they ended up *before* the slipped stitch (ie in front if the preceding stitch was a purl, behind if it was knit), and I’m slipping the stitches purlwise, which tends to be the default.  I’ll have to knit a few more rows to see how it looks, but hopefully it will look good, even if I’m not quite doing it right!  I’ll let you know how it goes…


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