Upcoming Wooly Projects

Last night was the first night in a long time that I had no knitting projects on the go (well, I do have one, but it’s a secret project and I can’t knit it when a certain someone is around!).  So it’s definitely time to start on my next projects.  The other day at the Waipuna Hospice shop, I found the most gorgeous tea pot for $6.  It’s a lovely lemony yellow colour, and it’s also very large – I’d say at least tea for three!  It has a strainer inside it (like a little net basket) so it’s easy to make “real tea”.  The only thing it needs is a cosy to keep it nice and warm…


I’m thinking of making a tea cosy like Alice’s Spring Explosion one, I think it would go wonderfully with the bright yellow! I’ll have to go through my wool stash and find some colours for flowers.  Then there is just the small matter of learning how to crochet…

But I am also going to start another pair of socks (I can’t just have one pair, because what would I do when my other socks are in the wash?!?).  I have this loooooovely Magic Merino For Socks By Touch Yarns for my next pair.  It feels soooo soft and warm, I can’t wait for it to be on my feet…

It’s 80% merino wool with 20% nylon thrown in for good measure, and is made here in New Zealand, which is brilliant.  The shade is Remarkables, and it’s actually a little more pinky purple and darker than the photograph shows, I still have to work on getting my exposures right…

Anyway, as you can see I have balled it up (I split it into two parts, making sure they were even by weighing them on the kitchen scales!).  I don’t have a yarn winder, but I did have help:

This is Paris – she’s feeling a little camera shy, probably because I kept telling her off for messing with my wool!  In the end she sat very patiently just watching the yarn appear from the inside of the ball as I wound it up.  She was transfixed!  Maybe I will get a better picture of her later – she likes anything I do related to Wool or Spoons!

There is one more project I want to start (once I have finished the secret project!), but I’ll tell you about that later so I can put up some photos of the ingredients (6 balls of ingredients!).


5 thoughts on “Upcoming Wooly Projects

  1. lovely ideas! i love the teapot…doesnt alice have the coolest cosy patterns..i would like to make one too.cant wait to see what becomes of this beautiful stripy wool! x

  2. ooh, I made those magic merino socks in the same colourway and they turned out TINY!!! Watch your gauge with this yarn, it seems thinner as I used the same pattern and size as the socks I’ve been making since. It is truly lovely though, can’t wait to see yours finished!!!

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