Here are my socks…

Here are my socks.   The pattern I used is roughly from the Big Book of Socks, with some alterations.  I increased the number of stitches to cast on from 60 to 64, since I was using smaller needles.  I also quit using the pattern once I got down to decreasing for the toes, because it didn’t make sense to me (see my socks’ soles for why).

Here are my socks, touched by a rainbow as they are drying themselves by the fire.  They are 64 stitches around, and they fit me perfectly once they had been washed, blocked and dried.

Here are my socks’ stripes.  They are knitted in a 2 ply yarn that I bought aaaages ago on sale from Spotlight.  I’ll check the brand next time I am there, but I have lost the label, unfortunately.  My socks are pretty in pink and purple.

Here are my socks’ heels.  They are knitted in the Flap and Gusset style, and are reinforced by doing S1, K1 across the flap.

Here are my socks’ soles.  They are enjoying the sunset.  The pattern said to knit for 5 inches before starting to decrease for the heel, but my feet are 10 inches long, and that would have made some mighty tight socks.  So I knitted until the sole of the socks reached just beyond my little toe.  See below for why I shouldn’t have knitted quite so far.


Here are my socks’ toes.  They are knitted in the Star Toe style, which looks a little funny on my foot, but I don’t mind.  I wanted to do a Star Toe, because the name reminded me of a Star Nosed Mole.   I also did a Kitchener Stitch on the toe (yay!) thanks to help from this video, which Alice recommended in her post.   Star Toes don’t usually have a Kitchener Stitch, they just gather up the last eight stitches, but I realised that if I knitted down to eight stitches, my socks would be too long for my feet.

Here are my socks.


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