Rotorua Intermediate Hat

Recently in Rotorua, we went for a trip to Spotlight (which now we don’t need to do, since we have one right around the corner here!).  I bought three colours of wool, which for some reason just looked lovely together to me – a dark grey, a dark green and a funny mustardy yellow colour.  My mum said they looked like her old school uniform from Rotorua Intermediate, so that’s what I’ve called my hat!

It’s a pattern I made up as I went along, with a grey picot edge, even stripes, and some lacy eyelet holes in it.  It was super quick to knit, especially after (or maybe it was during!) the scarf I made my friend (which by the way, she tells me is super warm and cuddly in the Wellington wind!).

This hat probably wouldn’t stand up to the Welly wind – look at all the holes in it!  But it’s perfect for the Tauranga autumn weather, and it goes perfectly with a mustardy yellow merino wool top that I bought too.  I never realised it before, but I’m really drawn to that colour!  It’s a bit more mustardy than it looks in the photos here, the sun was shining too brightly here in the Bay, I guess…  I like the way this hat turned out, very simple, a nice way to make a simple striped hat a bit more interesting, and so it doesn’t turn out looking like a sports supporters hat (I only realised afterwards that I have made this hat in the Australian colours, I’ll have to put it away for the Rugby World Cup later this year…)  Here is a shot of the hat on my head;  I did knit it a liiiiittle bit too big for me (especially after I blocked it, and it stretched a little).

Over the next few posts I’ll try to catch you up on what I’ve been knitting – for me the hardest part of having a knitting and cooking blog is not doing the knitting and the cooking, but then sitting down, uploading pictures, and actually getting around to writing a blog post!!  If only there were a way that I could knit and type at the same time.  I did manage to knit and read at the same time the other day, though from my laptop and not a book…


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