Wedding Present Plum Jam

Remember the plummy preview I treated you to?  Well now that I have given away the gift that they became, I can share some lovely photos of the Black Doris Plum Jam that I made my friend Sarah for her wedding present.  On her register at Briscoes (awesome), she asked for some preserving jars.  I wanted to buy something from the register, but also be able to personalise it in some way, so these were perfect!  I ended up with some wonderful plum jam that actually set, which I think is rather praiseworthy for a first effort of jam making!  I had enough of the leftover product to have a bit of a taste test myself – luckily – and it passed quality control before becoming a lovely wedding gift.  This is the finished product:

I found a perfect basket at the Papamoa market, which fit all four (large!) jars in it.  Now for most people, I would be a bit worried about how they would manage to use a total of 2 litres of plum jam, but I’m sure Sarah will manage just fine!  Visit her blog, and you’ll see why!

Anyway, Sarah (and of course, the lucky new husband), congratulations!  And I hope you enjoy the jam!

Incidentally, the packaging of my plum jam worked very well with the gorgeous wedding decorations…


2 thoughts on “Wedding Present Plum Jam

  1. Thanks Sophia!! We are SO looking forward to cracking into the jam!! I have some cakes that are waiting to be filled with it.. And the basket has come in most handy too!xx

  2. Hello Sophia!
    Wow, I’ve just been having a particularly enjoyable look through your blog, it’s lovely! Loving the scarf you made, and the jam, yum, what a cool gift!
    And that blanket is gorgeous!
    I gather you’re not in Wellington anymore? WHat are you up to these days?

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