Wedding Present Plum Jam

Remember the plummy preview I treated you to?  Well now that I have given away the gift that they became, I can share some lovely photos of the Black Doris Plum Jam that I made my friend Sarah for her wedding present.  On her register at Briscoes (awesome), she asked for some preserving jars.  I wanted to buy something from the register, but also be able to personalise it in some way, so these were perfect!  I ended up with some wonderful plum jam that actually set, which I think is rather praiseworthy for a first effort of jam making!  I had enough of the leftover product to have a bit of a taste test myself – luckily – and it passed quality control before becoming a lovely wedding gift.  This is the finished product:

I found a perfect basket at the Papamoa market, which fit all four (large!) jars in it.  Now for most people, I would be a bit worried about how they would manage to use a total of 2 litres of plum jam, but I’m sure Sarah will manage just fine!  Visit her blog, and you’ll see why!

Anyway, Sarah (and of course, the lucky new husband), congratulations!  And I hope you enjoy the jam!

Incidentally, the packaging of my plum jam worked very well with the gorgeous wedding decorations…


Purple lacy snuggles

I just finished knitting this loooooong snuggly scarf for my friend.  It’s not cold enough in Tauranga for a wooly scarf yet, but I’d say it is in Wellington where she is!  I used the Checkerboard Lace Scarf pattern from the Purl Bee.  It was a great in-front-of-the-TV knitting project, because it was simple enough that you can get away with not paying attention all the time, but not too simple to be boring.  It also knits up very fast with all of those YOs!

And me being all Top Model so you can see the scale of it.