Crochet with Sally

It’s very rare that you find a good crocheted blanket at the Salvation Army, but my oh my did I find a winner.   I popped into the Mount Maunganui Sallie’s, which is by far the best around these parts, and a zillion times better than anywhere in Wellington!  For some reason I went to look at their blankets, and look what I found for the tiny sum of $8!


Look!  Look at those lovely stripes!  What about a close up?


Lovely lovely…  I still haven’t learned to crochet, and there is no way I’d have the patience to attempt something this large!  I wonder who made it?  They must have been a keen crocheter to have that many scraps of every colour wool in the rainbow…


I am almost looking forward to winter so I can snuggle up in it… Mmmmmm.


2 thoughts on “Crochet with Sally

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