New old knitting patterns

Today I went to Rotorua with my Mum for a cup of tea with my 89 year old Great Aunty June.  Mum and I stopped at the Sallies there, so I’ll show you what I got.  Old knitting patterns!  There are always hundreds of them tucked away in Sallies stores, and even if I don’t end up making any of the patterns, I just love them…  They never cost more than about 50c each either.



I have some “Cosy Knits” for you, for him, and for home from the 1957 “Wife and Home”…


Some stylish cardi patterns, including a pattern for “Gay Parisianne” jumper:


A 30-something page “Crochet Edgings” booklet, even though I don’t know how to crochet.  Yet.  I think Alice over at Crochet with Raymond would like this one!  It’s obviously been well used and loved.  Hopefully some day soon I’ll learn to crochet, then I can do all these lovely edges on my work!


And finally, a more modern one from St Vincent de Paul.  A pattern for knitted hot pants and a jerkin to match.  OMG.  I’m seriously tempted to knit up some of these hot pants.  Can anyone tell me, in WHAT kind of weather would you wear knitted hot pants?  I also love the model’s pose on this one, like she’s attempting to read someone’s mind…


2 thoughts on “New old knitting patterns

  1. not dan, but it is his computer. mine is still not working. so this is you aunty kathy, sophia. i think your blog is just incredible and you are incredible, love your recipes and things, love you. kathy

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