Maple Macadamia Biscuits

Last Sunday was a beautiful sunny day.  I had a friend coming around for a cup of tea in the sun, so I thought I’d make some biscuits to go with the tea and the sun.  I had a bottle of maple syrup (a vestige of some beautiful blueberry pancakes) in my cupboard.  But what else to put with the maple flavour?  Chocolate?  Banana?  Tamarillos?  Nothing quite worked in my head, until I found a bag of macadamia nuts in my cupboard, which were grown by my lovely Mum and Dad in Tauranga, and have been in my cupboard for aaaaaages.  Probably because they are SO hard to get into!  But on a sunny day, I took a hammer to the macadamias in the sunny back…  concrete yard?

I used the “Basic Biscuit” recipe from the Edmonds, but replaced half of the sugar with about 1/4 of a cup of maple syrup.  For the macadamia nuts, I toasted them a little in my cast iron pan (a birthday present a few years ago from my Great Aunty June).

You can do this with any nuts and seeds – with pumpkin seeds it makes them go all poppy!   When I make this biscuit recipe (with various variations) I usually bake half of it, and freeze the other half – now I have one frozen lot of chocolate apricot biscuits, and one lot of maple macadamia biscuits.  I’m going to unfreeze them and cook them up for my picnic this weekend!

Finally, what your hungry eyes have been waiting for… The final product(s)!  They were very yummy, not overly sweet and with those lovely oily macadamia nuts hiding in them.  Absolutely perfect companions to a cup of tea in the sun!


4 thoughts on “Maple Macadamia Biscuits

    • Yes toasting them makes them extra scrummy. Love the cast iron pan for it, but I have to be careful to stop the element before they are ready, because the pan stays hot for so long!

  1. I was looking at these web sites that Kathy (oh hi! this is Dan Kathies partner in Seattle) had on my favorites and did not realize it was you for a bit. Your writing is very well done! I am not surprised at all though that it is. Well just hello from me it was nice meeting you that time in Seattle. You will always be welcome in any home we have.

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