And now for some wool…

Up until now, it has been all about the spoons.  So finally, I think it’s time to show off some wool creations!  My workmate is pregnant with her first baby, and so of course it was an excuse for me to knit something.  People keep giving her booties, and she now has four pairs of them!  I have knitted a ribbed hat.  I made the pattern up as I went along, ribbing 2×2, then decreasing.  I knitted on 4 double pointed needles, so the top knot is made by decreasing to about 10 stitches altogether, then just knitting around and around in stockingette stitch.

Here are some close ups:

And because I don’t have a baby to model the hat for me (I do have a Teddy, but his head is too big), here is my ukulele being a hat model.  I really do hope this hat fits a baby’s head – I have no idea how big they are…


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